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Station 5 – East

Station 5 was officially organized on September 27, 1947. It is also known as Panther Road Fire Company No. 5. Click here to read more about the history of the Department.

The Station 5 First Due District covers 15 square miles in the Eastern section of the city.

There are currently 25 active members in the company. Click here for a current roster.

Station 5 Target Hazards include:

  • Vineland High School Complex
  • Harlen Court Condominiums
  • Baker House
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Large Housing Developments
  • Large Wooded Areas


Mark Brewin
John Cunningham
Donald Fiocchi, Jr.
Kevin Flaim
Bobby Flaim
Ralph Franceschini
Barry Gruccio
Jennifer Hoxworth
Vincent Iron
Jeff Kraus
Carlos Maldonado
Ron Martinelli
Freddy Melini
Harry Mills
Matthew Rigo
Charlie Smith
Tyler Tarquinio
Bob Ternay
Lou Tolotti
Luke Tolotti
Dave Vai, Jr.
Dave Vai, Sr.
Brian Wheeler


Engine 5
Year: 2018 KME
Tank capacity: 750
Pump: 15000gpm

Tender 5
Year: 2006
Tank Capacity: 2250
Pump: 1500gpm

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