Station 3 – North

Station 3 was officially organized on February 24, 1922.  It is also known as the North Vineland Fire Company. Click here to read more about the history of the Department.

The Station 3 First Due District covers 15 square miles Northern section of the city.

There are currently 23 active members in the company. Click here for a current roster.

Station 3 Target Hazards include:

  • Vineland Industrial Park – North
  • Vineland Industrial Park – South
  • North Delsea Drive Business Districts
  • North Delsea Drive Mobile Home Communities
  • Route 55


Nick Berezin
Colt Brown
Charles Cantoni
Anthony Capelli
Michael Carlino
Mike Cifaloglio, Jr
Joe Dattalo
Robert Dawkins
Robyn Dougherty
Anthony Ebner
Zach Ellison
Chad Fabbri
Ryan Granato
Ken Hack
Greg Hartman
Stephen Hartman
Tim Hartman
Dave Hoffman
Bridget Hollister
Wayne Ingling
Patrick Kayser
Dave Ricci
Milt Santiago
Bruce Scarpa
Joseph Simpson
John Sturzynski
Marco Tola
Danny Walker, Jr.


Engine 33
Year: 1990
Tank Capacity: 600
Pump: 1250gpm

Engine 31
Year: 2006
Tank Capacity: 750
Pump: 1500gpm

Brush 3
Year: 2004
Ford F-350
Tank Capacity: 250
Pump: 175gpm

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